Roula Badis


As a life and business coach in Montreal, I believe that we all have the power to tap into the greatness within ourselves and that each one of us has the right to happiness and fulfillment in all areas of life. My guiding principle is that a burning desire for self-transformation and an active commitment are the keys to living the new reality you’re seeking.

I have personally experienced that transformation, and I’m still learning and evolving every day!

My Personal Journey Through Self-Transformation

I am grateful for all that I have achieved and received in my life. I am blessed with two smart, beautiful, and healthy boys. I am a wife and senior manager with 10+ years of experience in business life, as well as a:

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner
  • EFT & TFT Master Practitioner
  • Meditation Specialist
  • Hypnotherapist

I’m always open to learning new methods that will help others achieve their financial, personal, and spiritual goals. My coaching and healing techniques are varied, but they all serve a single purpose: to empower my clients to unleash the greatness within.

Certified Member of ICF and CTAA

I am proud to be a member in good standing of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). As part of a larger network of coaches and holistic therapists, I am constantly learning and adopting the latest coaching and healing methods to better guide you down the path of manifesting your intentions and realizing your greatest desires. Membership in these associations ensures that my practices are upheld to the highest standards and code of ethics.

For more information about these accredited organizations, be sure to click on the links provided above.


Using My Journey to Guide You to Your Life’s Fulfillment

On top of all my personal and professional achievements, I am the human being who discovered relatively recently how to appreciate myself the way I always should have been, and that the power of the universe is here within and between my hands. The moment I made this discovery, magic started to happen.

How Can I Help?

Now, my purpose is to help you tap into that power and reconnect to your true self so you can dramatically change your life and achieve true fulfillment and abundance. Be prepared to take actions toward your magnificence.

Many people approach me when they’ve hit a professional wall and don’t know how their careers or businesses can move forward. Others have approached me because their communication with loved ones has become strained or because of their lack of clarity or self-control. Whatever the reason you’ve clicked on this page, I’m here to help you make real and tangible moves towards success, so that you can bridge the gap between where you are now and what you really want.

To learn more about how I can help you tap into your greatest fulfillment, contact me today for a FREE consultation.



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