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Innovative ways for high impact coaching practice

Are you envisioning yourself as a coach?

Do you aspire to transform your life and elevate your success by empowering others to achieve their goals? Are you eager to forge a profound and fulfilling path in coaching? Do you aspire to become a guiding force, empowering others towards unparalleled success?

If your response is: “Yes”

Then this program is perfect for you!


ICF-Aligned 18-Day Coaching Journey

Starting on January 25th, 2024, and spanning across 18 days of learning and evolving, coaching, and being coached, this program is meticulously designed in compliance with the ICF guidelines and standards. Completion of this business coaching program will equip participants with a robust foundation to pursue and obtain ICF credentials.

Online Coaching Program by ICF-Accredited Experts

The program is delivered by Senior Coaches who are accredited by the ICF, highly certified and have extensive experience in life and business coaching. The sessions are delivered online through video conferences and incorporate role plays, case studies, and practical coaching experience which would make the learning experience joyful and engaging with actual coaching hours that you can count on later!

Program Objectives

This program is one of its kind, providing participants with a comprehensive and holistic approach, and powerful tools for impactful life and business coaching that creates results. The key objectives of this program include:



Our Coaching Program

Overview: Despite the spike of people entering the coaching profession, not every coach is well equipped to practice coaching as coaching is meant to be.

This program consists of 18 days of learning and evolving, coaching and being coached, and is in full compliance with ICF standards, guidelines and requirements.

This empowers participants and provides them with a strong foundation for obtaining ICF credentials. The program is delivered by senior coaches, accredited by the ICF and specialized in life and business coaching.

Consequently, program graduates can feel confident to begin to focus on their coaching niches and immediately practice coaching with individuals and organizations.

Delivery method: Online group sessions via Zoom.

Sessions occurrence: 4-hour sessions conducted online weekly, using very interactive methodologies, including actual coaching practices that can be used to obtain ICF credentials. Role plays and real-life case studies with certified coaches’ guidance will also be used to enhance the participant experience.

Starting Date: January 25th, 2024

Why This Business Coaching Certification Is Highly Beneficial for You:

Outlines' Course:

  • Ethics & Values (in alignment with ICF)
  • Coaching Core Competencies
  • Co-Creating the Relationship
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Introduction to Understanding
    Human Behavior
  • Coaching for a Thriving Life
  • Coaching and Your Leadership Style
  • Coaching for Career Development
  • Coaching for Conflict Resolution
  • Coaching to Enhance Performance & Engagement
  • Coaching with Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching for Behavior Change
  • Coaching Your Group or Team
  • Shifting from Manager to Mentor
  • Identifying Your Coaching Niche for Growth
  • Turning Your Coaching Practice into a Business

Coaches Profiles

The Power of Coaching

Coaching is the science of harnessing every facet of knowledge, awareness, and perception and transforming them into effective tools across all facets of our lives.

Our state of being, self-awareness, and self-control, as well as our perceptions of our limitations and weaknesses, all stem from our interactions with the environment. These factors significantly influence our capacity to acquire and apply knowledge for our overall well-being.

Coaching stands as the most effective mechanism we have discovered for amplifying our retention of acquired knowledge and unlocking our complete potential.

Join Our Coaching Certification Program Today!

Unlock your coaching potential and embark on a transformative career journey. With our program, you’ll:

  • Master Coaching Techniques
  • Embrace Your Coaching Identity
  • Uphold Ethical Standards
  • Accelerate Your Path to ICF Credentials

On January 25th, 2024, our 18-day program, led by senior ICF-accredited coaches, commences to provide you with a solid coaching foundation. Engage in interactive online sessions that include real coaching practices, role plays, and case studies.

Enroll now to become a certified coach and make a positive impact!