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When you partner with a business coach, you’re committed to focusing on the future of your company by narrowing down what changes you can make to your business today. Whether your company growth has stagnated, you need help fostering leadership skills in your management team, or you’re losing customers and can’t understand why, a Montreal business coach can guide you through a solid action plan that makes your goals achievable with action-driven strategies.

I’m Roula Badis, and it is my greatest pleasure to offer my career and business coaching services to you, your executives, and your team. As a life coach, I can guide you toward your career objectives by establishing what it is you really want, the barriers that are holding you and your company back, and what you need to overcome these barriers. Studies have shown that companies that work with coaches have seen major improvements in work performance, leadership efficiency, time management, and more.

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Who Is a Business Coach?

A business coach works with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to help them narrow down their vision for their company and improve on the areas that may be affecting their potential. Many top-brand companies utilize the strength and skills of a business coach to help improve productivity, foster stronger leadership, and ultimately, increase company revenue.

If your company is suffering in some aspect—such as slow or stagnated growth, high attrition rate, disorganization, or poor customer loyalty—a coach helps you take ownership of these issues by developing an action-oriented strategy combined with the right mind set that prioritizes your needs and holds you accountable as you take each step toward meeting these objectives.

Business Coaching

As someone with over forteen years’ experience working with and for corporations, I know that every business has different cultures, strengths, and weaknesses. I also know that whether you’re a top executive at a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneur on year two of your small business, your career path is personal to you. Helping you align both your personal and professional goals is part of the process. And attuned your vibration to the required results is an art that I master.

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How Does Business Coaching Work?

At the heart of business coach’s focus is you: what do you want? Why is this business meaningful to you? Where is it now and where do you want it to go? That’s where I come in.

The first task in our coaching partnership is to establish your primary objective for the business. Increased revenue is generally the main goal that drives CEOs and entrepreneurs to hiring a business coach in Montreal. But the path to achieving that goal is usually very unique to you and your organization. The assessment stage is an essential part of the process, where we narrow down and refine your vision to ensure that it lines up with your personal core values.

Once we’ve narrowed down your objectives, I will then help you rank the needs of the business by providing you the tools to understand what aspects of your company need to be improved in order to drive that vision forward. For example, you may discover that low company morale is affecting your sales team’s motivation to reach out to potential customers. By spending time to build stronger leadership skills within your management team, your sales force will be more motivated, which will lead to greater revenue.

Ultimately, a business coach is not there to impart advice or look at your financials. But a coach is trained and experienced to help you focus on what you already know you need to do and provide organizational tools that make your path to success straightforward and attainable. It’s normal to get lost or sidetracked along the way. A business coach keeps you accountable by assigning regular tasks and by checking in to ensure your continued focus, willingness, and commitment.

How Can I Help?

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How Do You Know if You Need a Business Coach?

There are many reasons to hire a business coach.

You may be in the process of a merger. You might be taking your company in a whole new creative direction. Maybe there are problems within the organization that are affecting your bottom line.

You could also be at the very beginning stages of your start-up and want help setting it up properly.

If you identify with one or more of the above examples (or even if you don’t) contact me today to find out how I can help you.

My Business Coaching Sessions
in Montreal During COVID-19

Executive Coaching During COVID-19

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, businesses have had to significantly evolve and transform in order to stay afloat. Some businesses have sadly not survived the financial upheaval this pandemic has caused. Executives and entrepreneurs are dealing with a new set of challenges like never before. In my opinion, there’s no better time than now to hire a Montreal business coach to help you through this hurdle.

Under normal circumstances, our Business Coaching and leadership training sessions take place in person. Until then, my services are available online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Of course, all our video sessions will be followed up with regular emails and phone calls. I’m here to help your business grow no matter what. When lockdown measures have eased, we can begin scheduling in-person meetings.

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