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My name is Roula Badis and I am a Certified ThetaHealer®. I have completed the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA seminars in the ThetaHealing® technique and I’m excited to offer this unique healing method that will completely transform your mind, body, and spirit.

I am also a certified EFT & TFT Master Practitioner and meditation specialist and can offer manifestation readings. Keep reading to find out how my energy work can restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Why We Talk About Energy

Everything we think, feel, and believe emits energy. Our seven chakras, or wheels, are energy points in the body that correspond to both our emotional and physical well-being. We similarly have an entire network of meridians radiating fields of energy throughout our bodies. Whatever we think about ourselves emits frequencies, or energy. Therefore, what we think (and especially what we think about ourselves) creates matter. To say it plainly, what we think becomes our reality.

Let’s explore this topic further.

Many of us carry the false belief that our circumstances and environment shape our sense of self. It is, in fact, the other way around. It is more accurate to say that when we have achieved a more positive and balanced mindset, the better our circumstances become.

Why We Talk About Energy

Imagine you’re looking into a mirror. If you don’t like what you see, using another mirror isn’t going to change your reflection. Only when you change yourself will you see the change looking back at you. This is the universal law of mirroring: your life is a reflection of who you are, or who you think you are! Unless you change yourself, no outside change can be achieved.

This is where energy work can help. When our energy is in balance, we can discover who we think we are and who we really are. My techniques can move your energy in the right direction and shift your thought vibrations to a higher frequency, which will allow you to change your limiting mindset or thought paradigms to more empowering ones.

Eventually, the whole trio of mind, body, and soul will be in balance.


The ThetaHealing technique combines meditation with spiritual wisdom. The purpose of this practice is to replace our confining belief systems with positive thinking, which manifests outwards in all that we do. Through prayer and meditation, we can connect to the Creator of All That Is (or our higher power) to achieve a fulfilling lifestyle.

The ThetaHealing technique is designed to be used simultaneously with conventional medicine. It shows us how to improve our natural intuition, and to put our faith and trust in the Creator. It is our belief that when you tap into the theta brain frequency, you become more aware of the Creator’s ability to bring about instant physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

ThetaHealing teaches us how to use our natural intuition to create a better life. By tapping into this frequency, we are able to work with the Creator to manifest well-being and harmony in every facet of our lives with the essence of pure love.

This restorative technique has helped people from all over the world heal their own physical ailments and unleash their creative intuition in astounding ways.

Want to learn more about the different processes of the ThetaHealing Technique, such as DNA activation?

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What Are the Benefits of the ThetaHealing Technique?

We have already looked at the benefits of a ThetaHealing session. So, what are the overall benefits of this practice? Most importantly, your life will be completely brought into balance. At the heart of this practice is the embodiment of love and positivity. When you’re able to reach that higher state of consciousness through meditation, you’ll have unlimited access to your intuition, which can result in instant physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness.

The ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge has published countless testimonials from people all over the world who have undergone tremendous, life-changing transformations.

Benefits of the ThetaHealing

EFT &TFT Tapping Techniques

These two holistic healing techniques involve tapping certain areas of the body while you focus on a problem in your life. The techniques differ in some respects, but the purpose of both is to help the person to heal from emotional trauma or negative thought patterns.

Emotional Freedom Technique

I use a specific set of tapping patterns throughout your body’s acupressure points as you focus on the emotional or physical issue you’re having. By tapping these specific parts of your body, I can access the area that corresponds to the negative emotion or physical pain. By tapping your acupressure points, your body’s energy will be rebalanced and restored.

Thought Field Therapy

With this technique, I will first ask you to focus on the emotional or physical distress you’re experiencing and to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. I will then tap specific meridian points throughout your body in a unique sequence where there may be a block in energy flow. During tapping, it’s important for you to continue focusing on the problem. This sequence will be repeated until the energy flow has been restored and the initial number on your distress scale has been all but eliminated.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation can restore mental clarity and increase your self-awareness. It can offer a whole new perspective on certain aspects of your life while bringing you back to the present moment through breath. As we go through the meditation practice, negative thoughts and emotions may arise, but you’ll be taught how to move past these sensations without needing to hold on to them. Your self-awareness will increase as you learn how to observe and bear witness to your negative emotions.

By bringing you back into your body through breathwork, your stress levels will naturally decrease. You’ll be able to tap into your body’s chakras and release any energy blocks that you may not even realize are there.

Our guided meditation practice will leave you feeling restored and rebalanced. Focusing on the breath will train you throughout the day to focus on the present moment, which will significantly reduce any anxiety you may be feeling.

Guided Meditation

Energy Work During COVID-19

Energy Work During COVID-19

The global pandemic has inexorably changed our lives. Lockdown may be causing a strain on your spiritual, mental, and even physical health. During these unprecedented times, I’m here to guide you through your challenges with love and healing. My energy work is available online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You will get the same benefits of in-person meetings, so don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. When lockdown measures have eased, I’d be happy to continue working with you face-to-face.

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