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Revolutionize your life with Abundance Coaching. Change your mindset and set positive goals to tap into everything the universe has to offer. Whether you’re seeking more financial freedom, a new relationship, or just a change in attitude, Abundance Coaching can help you drastically.

I’m Roula Badis, and it is my greatest pleasure to offer Abundance and Money Management Coaching in Montreal. Everything you want in life starts from a positive attitude called an “abundance mindset,” which gives you the tools and techniques to manifest abundance in every aspect of your life.

What is abundance?

Simply put, is means “more than enough of something.” By embodying the feeling that everything you want (whether it be material gain or emotional connection) is within your reach, you’ll start manifesting these dreams in miraculous ways.

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What Is Abundance Coaching?

An abundance coach is not only the person in your corner cheering you on. As someone trained and experienced in asking the right questions, tracking your inner conversations and identifying your abundance blockages, a coach shifts your attitude by taking what is at the root of your scarcity mindset and turns that into a tangible, achievable goal. In order to reach the finish line (whether that’s coming out of debt, changing careers, or unleashing that inner artist), you’ll be equipped with the tools that you need to stay on track and let go of the negative beliefs that are holding you back.

During our coaching sessions, we’ll discuss your highest desire. Many people seek Abundance Coaching when they want more financial freedom, however, abundance can be found in all aspects of our lives. With this fact, I’ll empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to stay focused and maintain an optimistic and fruitful approach.

What Is Abundance Coaching

During our work together, you might slip into old negative thought patterns that are no longer serving you. This is perfectly normal and understandable. We will course correct as we take the journey together!

Abundance Coaching is about mindset and—of course—action, so be prepared to do the work!

Scarcity vs. Abundance: A Difference in Mindset

The idea of embodying an abundance mindset may sound a bit ambiguous, but it’s actually rooted in our own survival instinct. If the scarcity mindset is switched on, our behaviours and thought patterns operate in survival mode, or fear. Our ancestors did, in fact, survive in scarcity, but for most of us, we no longer need to think this way. In fact, the difference between scarcity and abundance is simply rooted in one’s attitude; that’s why there are financially wealthy people who are miserable and financially destitute people who are happy and fulfilled.

If you operate under the scarcity mindset, you may have thoughts similar to:

  • “There’s never enough money, time, or resources.”
  • “I’d better not do X because something bad might happen.”
  • “People are always out to get me.”
  • “Why is it so hard to stay afloat when all my friends are so successful?”
  • “The success of other people is threatening or intimidating.”
  • “It’s hard for me to express gratitude.”
  • “I judge others for their successes as well as their failures.”
  • “I don’t have enough time or money to spare.”
  • “I’m not good/beautiful/rich/worthy/talented enough, so why even try?”
  • “Money or wealth is evil”

Does this sound like you? How does it make you feel? Do you have endless amounts of energy or are you constantly feeling emotionally depleted and physically exhausted? I can tell you that when we embody the scarcity mindset, scarcity finds us. By not seeing all the gifts of abundance we already have and living with the idea that we are constantly lacking, the scarcity mindset becomes a self-fulling prophecy.

If you operate under the abundance mindset, you may have thoughts similar to:

  • “There’s enough for everyone and more.”
  • “I celebrate the successes of my peers and friends.”
  • “I am enough. I am worthy of everything I desire.”
  • “I feel grateful for all that I have and practice gratitude every day.”
  • “I am open-minded and flexible. Change equals opportunity.”
  • “I tend to trust people.”
  • “How can I be of service to others?”
  • “I feel whole,”
  • “I feel secure in the knowledge that the universe is supporting me.”

People who embody the feeling of abundance are energized and nourished by their gratitude and their optimistic view of the world. Just as with the scarcity mindset, embodying the idea of abundance is also a self-fulfilling prophecy: once you start to see the world through the lens of this positive mindset, you’ll start manifesting abundance wherever you go.

Abundance Coaching

What Are the Benefits of Abundance Coaching?

Abundance Coaching is about keeping you on track of your goals and ensuring that you maintain a healthy mindset of “enoughness.”

By expressing gratitude and setting positive, tangible goals, you’ll start to see a transformation in all aspects of your life. When you begin to express gratitude for what you already have, you’ll start to receive more than you ever thought possible. This could manifest in a new relationship, a promotion, a new job opportunity, or simply happiness and wholeness within yourself.

Benefits of Abundance Coaching

Abundance Coaching During Covid-19

Abundance Coaching During Covid-19

The global pandemic has pushed us all in various ways, and we’ve had to drastically shift our focus and re-establish what it is we want from life. It’s understandable to step back into the scarcity mindset during this stressful time. But everything you seek is still at your fingertips!

Although in-person Abundance Coaching sessions are unavailable at this time, I’m happy to coach you online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. All our sessions will be followed up with regular emails and calls to ensure you’re staying on track of your objectives. When lockdown measures have eased, we can discuss future face-to-face meetings.

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